Finland 2018 #3

The first school we visited was Vaaralampi Primary School situated 3km form the city centre. It was actually a shared site with another primary school and an adult education centre. Vaaralampi was actually being rebuilt. The school had 360 students. 18 classes of 7 to 12 year old. remembering that school starts at 7 years … More Finland 2018 #3

Finland 2018 #2

On to Finland then and, in particular, Rovaniemi the capital city of Lapland, above the Arctic circle and yes very cold. As these photos show, the city was certainly living up to its claim of being Santa’s home town. The temperatures fell as low as -17 which was certainly a shock to the system. I … More Finland 2018 #2

Finland 2018 #1

During the recent Summer holiday period I was fortunate enough to be able to join 117 educators from 21 countries to attend the LIFE 2018 education conference in Finland and get the chance to observe, first hand the Finnish education system that has gained so much international acclaim and attention over the last decade. It … More Finland 2018 #1

Now We Are One.

This is the transcript of my end of year prize giving speech. One year down, bring on 2018.   Now we are one. A year ago there was no such thing as a Rolleston College prizegiving because there were no achievements to acknowledge and recognise. There was no such thing as a Rolleston College dramatic … More Now We Are One.

NCEA Questions.

Last Monday evening we held a community evening to explain what learning would look like at Rolleston College next year and how what we are doing prepares our learners for NCEA and beyond. The main idea that I was wanting to convey was the fact that we have unacceptable levels of stress being experienced by … More NCEA Questions.

Big Rocks.

Over the school holiday break I came across, for the first time, Steven Covey’s Big Rocks analogy. Put simply this analogy explains how our lives are made up of big rocks, pebbles and sand. Big rocks are the really important aspects of our lives, the pebbles are also important but less so and the sand … More Big Rocks.