Belief Systems.

Reflection and review is a key part of any modern school. At times, it seems that schools are in a constant state of self review. We are no different. One area that is often reviewed is that of teacher positioning and attitudes. Increasingly this has included looking at the various personality types that exist within … More Belief Systems.

But Is It Learning?

It was great to see so many members of our community support our first fete recently, ¬†even the weather co-operated. It was a wonderful event and, as a college, we genuinely appreciate and thank everyone from the Rolleston community who assisted us in so many ways to ensure that this day was a success. What … More But Is It Learning?


  Last week I used my spot in our fortnightly newsletter to speak about my concerns regarding the levels of hurt felt by many of our young people across New Zealand, a hurt that, in its most extreme cases, can lead to suicide. It was not a comfortable experience writing that article, nor was it … More Concerns.


On May 12th I was fortunate enough to be able to join other Principals from the Canterbury/ West Coast region on a three day tour of Melbourne schools. It was a busy and fascinating three day whirlwind and I thank the Ministry of Education and Neil Wilkinson [and others] for the support and organisation that … More Melbourne.

The Hive.

We had many visitors during Term 1 and I mean many visitors. One of the comments made more than once has stuck in my mind. “This doesn’t feel like a school.” At first I didn’t know how to take his comment. After all we are a school so shouldn’t we feel like one.After a bit … More The Hive.


As you would expect of a new school, all of our attention and effort for our first term was directed totally on our learners. The induction of our first cohort, establishing a safe and inclusive learning environment and developing a sense of identity and culture were our top priorities. Our focus was on establishing appropriate … More Reflection.