Before Rolleston College opened we realised that there was a need to have some anchors. that would provide our base core vision as we developed. Some core values and  concepts that we could return to would serve to secure us and refocus us. Some key concepts that defined who we were and who we … More Wolves.

Learner Power.

It is always nice to start off the year with a positive little story.  This blog is about what may seem like a small story but is one that I find quite symbolic and a good example of learner power and learner ownership. When we developed the vision of the school we developed a series … More Learner Power.

Finland 2018 #6

So having had a week now to reflect on my visit to Lapland and now that I am back in New Zealand preparing for the start of the school year what are my overall impressions and learnings? I guess there are five big ideas that sum up my Finnish Experience. Feed the mind. Free school … More Finland 2018 #6

Finland 2018 #5

The last school visited was a Vocational College for 16 to 19 year olds. This particular campus was one of 6 REDU schools in Lapland and had a current role of 1200. The geography of Lapland meant that e-learning platforms and links were an integral part of learning. In Finland upper secondary education splits and … More Finland 2018 #5

Finland 2018 #4

The next morning we visited Korkalovaara Comprehensive Secondary School. In New Zealand this would be a junior High School. 720 students and 60 teachers. Average class size was 20. There were 20 non teaching support staff and 3 senior leaders. Lessons were between 60 and 90 minutes long, there was between 18 to 25 hours … More Finland 2018 #4

Finland 2018 #3

The first school we visited was Vaaralampi Primary School situated 3km form the city centre. It was actually a shared site with another primary school and an adult education centre. Vaaralampi was actually being rebuilt. The school had 360 students. 18 classes of 7 to 12 year old. remembering that school starts at 7 years … More Finland 2018 #3

Finland 2018 #2

On to Finland then and, in particular, Rovaniemi the capital city of Lapland, above the Arctic circle and yes very cold. As these photos show, the city was certainly living up to its claim of being Santa’s home town. The temperatures fell as low as -17 which was certainly a shock to the system. I … More Finland 2018 #2

Finland 2018 #1

During the recent Summer holiday period I was fortunate enough to be able to join 117 educators from 21 countries to attend the LIFE 2018 education conference in Finland and get the chance to observe, first hand the Finnish education system that has gained so much international acclaim and attention over the last decade. It … More Finland 2018 #1

Now We Are One.

This is the transcript of my end of year prize giving speech. One year down, bring on 2018.   Now we are one. A year ago there was no such thing as a Rolleston College prizegiving because there were no achievements to acknowledge and recognise. There was no such thing as a Rolleston College dramatic … More Now We Are One.