On May 12th I was fortunate enough to be able to join other Principals from the Canterbury/ West Coast region on a three day tour of Melbourne schools. It was a busy and fascinating three day whirlwind and I thank the Ministry of Education and Neil Wilkinson [and others] for the support and organisation that … More Melbourne.

The Hive.

We had many visitors during Term 1 and I mean many visitors. One of the comments made more than once has stuck in my mind. “This doesn’t feel like a school.” At first I didn’t know how to take his comment. After all we are a school so shouldn’t we feel like one.After a bit … More The Hive.


As you would expect of a new school, all of our attention and effort for our first term was directed totally on our learners. The induction of our first cohort, establishing a safe and inclusive learning environment and developing a sense of identity and culture were our top priorities. Our focus was on establishing appropriate … More Reflection.

Beyond the Buildings.

Term One finished yesterday, eleven weeks that has seen Rolleston College move from a series of ‘flash’ buildings to a school. A school full of the hopes, dreams, talents, intelligence and laughter of the learners who have given heart to the buildings. And yes they have also brought with them, their fears and anxieties, as … More Beyond the Buildings.


It was a damp Sunday last weekend and with no Premier league on this weekend it was a perfect time to catch up on some of the articles that have come into my Twitter account recently. The first one was an article titled, “Re- Imagine Space For Learning”  by Alastair Blyth. As I am the principal … More Impatience.

A History, so far

What follows is a brief visual history of the development of Rolleston College. Early 2015 Pete Buyers took this picture when he first heard of where the new College was to be built.   November 4, 2015 Groundwork is well underway. December 3, 2015 As the end of the year grew close the buildings started to … More A History, so far

International Lessons.

Just before Christmas I was able to enjoy a few days holiday in Noosa, Australia. While there I came across an article in one of the Sunday newspapers expressing concern about the current plight of the Australian education system. It was based on the results of the most recent PISA testing. The PISA tests are … More International Lessons.


I know, this is a strange title for a blog, especially when we are only a matter of weeks away from opening the College but it is a concept that I believe is hugely underestimated and misunderstood. All too often it is seen as something bad and to be avoided. It would be far more … More Fail.