DisruptED. NZ

Last Friday I spent the day in Auckland with five other Principals. All six of us are Principals of secondary schools [2 Canterbury, 2 Auckland, 1 Taranaki and 1 Waikato] that exist in a change environment.

This was the second time that we had come together to share stories about leading change in a secondary school environment. The chance to pool resources and problem solve with a group of inspirational educational leaders certainly provided food for my mind, heart and soul. It is always initially a little bit overwhelming to be in the company of such dynamic thinkers and powerful leaders but their sense of purpose was infectious and uplifting.

As a collective we refer to each other as DisruptED and our purpose is to provide and facilitate a network designed to bring together educators celebrating stories of disruption and innovation.

In other words we want to provide a platform for the sharing of experiences and stories so that we can learn from each other. The most uplifting aspect of the day was the totally positive nature of the conversations. All too often the dialogue around what learning will or should look like in the near future is clouded by an ‘us and them’ division. All too often schools are portrayed in the media as being traditional or innovative as if there are two distinct camps. The truth is that all school are undergoing change to varying degrees, it is less a case of divide camps and more a case of positions on a continuum. The purpose of DisruptEd is to provide a kite for these experiences from wherever a school or individual teacher is on the continuum.

Yes the aim is to disrupt but that is what we do as humans in order to progress, we question, challenge, review and reflect.

To help us share the stories of creative learning in our secondary schools we have a facebook page;


a twitter feed;


and a podcast;



We aim to post a new podcast episode every fortnight and whilst this first one features the six Principals, future ones will cast the net further afield to capture the stories of educators around the country.

These are exciting times in education, at times they feel like lonely times but the reality is that every school is questioning what learning looks like in their own environment, in our small way it is our intention to provide a platform for the sharing of these exciting experiences.




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