Big Rocks.

Over the school holiday break I came across, for the first time, Steven Covey’s Big Rocks analogy. Put simply this analogy explains how our lives are made up of big rocks, pebbles and sand. Big rocks are the really important aspects of our lives, the pebbles are also important but less so and the sand … More Big Rocks.

Be Brave, Be Kind.

The dawn of every new term brings the prospect of new challenges and new opportunities and, as we look forward to Term 4 of our first year, the opportunities that lie before us are not only relate to the rest of this year but are also linked to preparing for 2018 and the challenges of … More Be Brave, Be Kind.

Learner Invasion.

It is the first day of the school holidays, it is a beautiful sunny Canterbury day and Langhorne Slim is the music of choice. It is a nice day to be in at school, it is quiet and almost tranquil. A great day to catch up on the numerous jobs that don’t quite get finished … More Learner Invasion.