Foundation Staff


I am extremely excited to announce the appointment of the foundation teaching staff at Rolleston College.

We have been fortunate in appointing a team of highly skilled and dedicated educators to drive the Rolleston College vision and inspire our learners to realise their full potential.

The appointed staff cover all of the key learning areas and will ensure that our learners have a broad range of learning experiences during their time at the college. Listed below is a full staff list [in no particular order] along with their main teaching areas. It is important to note that this does not mean that they are not experienced in delivering across a number of learning areas.

The appointment process was a long and exhausting one but the end result is that we have an amazing team and the senior leadership team can hardly wait for their arrival in Term 4.

Leadership team.

  • Steve Saville – English
  • Rachel Skelton – English/Media Studies
  • Lynda Shanks – Commerce
  • Pete Buyers – Mathematics
  • Hayden Shaw – Physical Education/Health
  • Sophie Ralph – Music


Teaching Staff

  • Andrew Gebbie.  Physical Education and Sports development]
  • Annie Mansfield. Languages [Spanish. French, Mandarin]
  • Briar Evans. English and Library
  • Susanne Hartl.  Science
  • Murray Hobbs. Technology and Community Pathways
  • Justine Menzies. SENCO and English
  • Merrin Diack. Performing Arts  
  • Rob Ferguson. Visual Art
  • Jan Kershaw. Technology [Hospitality/Food]
  • Nathan Scott. Mathematics
  • Matt Nicoll. Science
  • Andrew Cooper.  Social Science and e-learning
  • Bronwyn Hoy.  Social Sciences and Community Pathways
  • Samantha Gimblett.  Performing Arts
  • Kelly Tippet. Social Sciences
  • Adam Smith.  English /Japanese
  • Sarah Forward. Physical Education/ Health
  • Martin Hannan. Music
  • Halie Tiplady. Physical Education/ Health



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