Logos and Information Evenings.

Rolleston College Logo (1)

It has been an exciting fortnight. As you can see one of the highlights has been releasing our school logo.

Horeaka Haemata, the name that has been gifted to the college by Te  Taumutu Rūnanga,  Ngāi Tahu means flourishing lancewood.

The lancewood tree is an important and powerful image that lies at the heart of Rolleston College’s purpose and motivation. It captures the essence of how we define the learning and personal development journey at Rolleston College.

The tree also links the College to our local area  and our past as the lancewood is a prominent tree in our community.

The logo has been designed to capture the idea of the abstract lancewood shape and emphasis its importance to the school. Arrowheads form an idea of direction and movement through school and school life. It is also an abstract interpretation of a thumbprint capturing the idea of identity and belonging. The logo references the three main ideas of the school vision, self, community and future.

The colours are representative of, not only the school colours but also those that are associated with the Selwyn region.

We have worked with our designers Beck and Caul to develop what we feel is a modern and appropriate logo for our new secondary school.

The main thrust of our work so far this term has been reporting back to our community regarding our planning and vision for the College.

We have deliberately positioned ourselves in listening mode for the first few months of this year but we now feel ready to ‘go public’ with our vision and aspirations.

Our first event was an information evening for teachers who are considering applying for teaching positions with us. It was great to have over 100 educators in our temporary space and I really enjoyed the conversations that took place after the presentation.

Our second significant public event was our community information evening on Sunday night. 450 people crammed into the Clearview Primary School hall to hear a presentation providing an update on developments at the College and ask any questions that they still had.

The main learning that I took away from the meetings was the importance and power of team. To stand before a large group as part of a unified, passionate and determined  team is a very empowering experience.  The concept of team does provide a sense of collective energy and to be able to stand as part of the current leadership team of three and introduce the rest of the leadership team and then stand alongside the Establishment Board of Trustees, Waitaha School and representatives from the Ministry certainly gave me that strong sense of energy and collective strength.

It did bring home to me that just as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a team to grow a school.

And to round off a busy few days, we received our very first enrolment today. A very exciting milestone and one that did get me a little bit over excited.










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