‘Drop in’ Afternoons.

Rolleston College ‘Drop in’ Afternoons.

Over the course of the year the Rolleston College Senior Leadership team is keen to develop strong connections with our future learners and their families.

As part of this process we are planning a series of informal drop in afternoons at our contributing primary schools. These will provide the opportunity for members of the community to pop in and have an informal chat with a member of the Rolleston College Leadership team. Developing relationships is one of our key priorities.

We will be providing at least two of these drop in afternoons at each of our contributing schools.

The first confirmed dates are:

Weedons Primary 18th February 3-4 PM

Rolleston Christian School 25th February 3.15- 4.30 PM

Burnham Primary 1st March 2.30-7PM

West Rolleston Primary 2nd March 3-4 PM

West Melton Primary  8th March 3-4 PM

Rolleston Primary  9th March 9-10 AM

Clearview Primary 9th March 3-4.30PM

Please feel free to come in and have a chat about Rolleston College, we look forward to seeing you.



2 thoughts on “‘Drop in’ Afternoons.

  1. Hi there. Was just wondering who will be included in your pastoral teams? Specifically, will you be looking at having an onsite nurse? Thank you!


    1. Hi Alana.
      Through the Learning Coach role outlined as part of the Ako programme all teachers in that programme will be part of the wider pastoral team. We will have guidance staff, councilors and a nurse as well to provide specialised support. Initially some of these roles will be part time but as the school grows so will the pastoral support roles.


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