One of the most exciting things about being involved in the development of a new school is that nothing can be taken for granted. All decisions are being made for the first time and so there is the opportunity to examine every aspect of how we provide learning in a secondary school environment. Some of … More Curriculum?

What is Leadership?

In recent times the concept of leadership and what constitutes an effective leader has gone through a period of intense scrutiny and redefinition. The traditional image of a leader as a ‘heroic’ figure who issued commands that were blindly obeyed by his /her followers is no longer relevant or appropriate. The concept of a leader … More What is Leadership?

Be the teacher you wish you had as a kid.

Recently we have added an ‘expressions of interest’ section to our recruitment page on the Rolleston College website. A place where any staff considering applying for positons can register their interest in being kept informed regarding the ┬ápositions that will be advertised next year. I guess this blog is primarily addressed to any teachers who … More Be the teacher you wish you had as a kid.