Time to get Excited.

Rolleston College tour from Snowgrass Solutions on Vimeo.

It is hard not to get excited by this video created by Gregg one of our very talented Board of Trustee members.
There has been considerable interest in the new schools that have been built in New Zealand over the last two decades. Some of this interest has been generated by the fact that the modern school here and internationally looks different to the schools that most of us attended.
Personally I don’t care a great deal for terms like ‘modern learning environments’ or other variations of that phrase. I much prefer the term ‘flexible’. Flexible so as to meet the varied needs, interests and passions of our children. Flexible enough to provide a variety of educational experiences that prepare our children for the rapidly changing world. Flexible enough to realise that ‘one size does not always fit all.’
As you can see it is not just a series of large rooms, it consists of a variety of different sized learning environments, Some are large and more open, some smaller and more closed off. The key elements that dominate this design are flexibility and flow rather than rigidity and isolation.


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