Learning Spaces.

This evening I join the Board of Trustees on our first site visit. Having followed the web cam and driven [slowly] past the site on numerous occasions it will be a thrill to actually set foot on the school site for the first time but it has got me thinking about a couple of things. … More Learning Spaces.


I can think of a thousand reasons why a new secondary school should not have a uniform. Most of these centre around questioning why we feel the need to continue doing all that we have done in the past without reviewing the reasons why. Why do we want everyone to conform to the same appearance? … More Uniform…why?

Interesting Times

From an educational perspective these are certainly interesting times.  In New Zealand and indeed around the world the ‘traditional ‘approach to how we learn in schools is being challenged, rethought and, in many cases, re imagined. The question that has to be asked is ‘why?’ If the ‘traditional’ system has worked for 150 years then … More Interesting Times

To Grow a Man

The temptation is to start this blog with a post about how exciting it is to be the Foundation Principal of a brand new school, built to provide a modern learning environment for the leaders of the future. That would be entirely justified and indeed that excitement is very real. There will be a time for … More To Grow a Man

To Grow a School

Kia Ora, Greetings and Welcome. As the title suggests the primary purpose of this blog is to chronicle the growth of a brand new secondary school, namely Rolleston College in the Selwyn District [Canterbury, New Zealand ] as seen through the eyes of the foundation Principal. I hope to capture both the journey of the … More To Grow a School