The Garden

    As we begin our third year of operation it is fascinating to see how we have grown. There are obvious developments like the number of learners and staff and the associated increase in sports, groups and learning opportunities but another important area of growth and development for me has been our garden area … More The Garden

What are we?

Below is the transcript of my Year 10 Prize giving speech. This time last year I stood here to give the Principal’s address at our first prize-giving. It brought to an end a year of firsts. Everything we did was a first. Well we are not new anymore, we are here. So at the end … More What are we?

DisruptED. NZ

Last Friday I spent the day in Auckland with five other Principals. All six of us are Principals of secondary schools [2 Canterbury, 2 Auckland, 1 Taranaki and 1 Waikato] that exist in a change environment. This was the second time that we had come together to share stories about leading change in a secondary … More DisruptED. NZ


Last year, at this time of the year, we launched an initiative that we titled ‘Be Brave Be Kind,’ our intention was to develop among our foundation learners confidence in themselves as individuals that could then play a part in making the lives of those around them just a little bit better. More specifically it … More Kindness…why?

Creating Community.

The end of another busy term and the chance to grab a few moments for reflection before the onslaught of Term 4. One of the obvious primary needs in establishing a new school is clarifying a shared vision. In previous posts I have talked about the need for a new school to have ‘anchors.’ These … More Creating Community.

Fight of the Owls.

We’ve been busy recently, busy in the barn, preparing for our first year of senior learning in 2019, our first year of NCEA assessment. Inevitably this process has required a good deal of thought and reflection. What does senior learning look like at Rolleston College? What should it look like? What could it look like? … More Fight of the Owls.